The Palliative Care Association of Uganda (PCAU) meets many, many child caregivers as they work to make palliative care accessible to those who are dying throughout the country. As US partners of PCAU’s work, Center for Hospice Care/Hospice Foundation have a new initiative called “The Road to Hope,” which provides ongoing support for children that have lost one or both of their parents to HIV/AIDS or cancer. The children that are a part of the Road to Hope fund are a reminder of the plight of child caregivers in Uganda where the median age is 15 years of age and life expectancy is 54 years. You can make a tremendous difference in the life of a child in the Road to Hope program. Following are the stories of a few of the children supported by this program.

Documenting Hope

In Sub-Saharan Africa, when a parent is struck with a life-threatening disease, many times a child is forced to become the primary caregiver. With no source of money, the child is forced to quit school to earn whatever living can be found, while still caring for his or her dying parent. But what once the parent dies? For these children, hope is something to be held onto tightly. It’s the hope that there will be someone to offer them the chance at a better life. Road to Hope documents the lives of child caregivers and those they meet on their journey.


Road to Hope was filmed in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan The crew spent three and a half weeks shooting and returned to the US with over 60 hours of footage. Director of Photography, Timothy Wolfer, returned to Uganda and Kenya to capture additional footage of George, Christine and Shadrack’s stories. Road to Hope was produced and directed by Hospice Foundation COO Mike Wargo, following in the footsteps of the foundation’s first film, Okuyamba. This short documentary told the story of palliative care nurses in Uganda and the challenges they face in bringing comfort to those in the country’s remote villages.

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